alabaster ® Grunt-U


alabaster ® Grunt-U ready-made emulsion is designed for priming any porous and absorptive concrete substrates, cement slabs, aerated concrete, plasterboard, gypsum plaster, cement plaster, cement-lime plaster and the like. The emulsion, due to its considerable penetration ability, penetrates well even through very old and dry substrates, strengthening them and providing protection against moisture. It improves adhesive’s adherence to glazed tiles and terracotta. The emulsion, applied as a primer under self-levelling floor, does not allow air bubbles formation and reduces absorption of water into the substrate. Before laying ceramic tiles on fibreboard and impregnated wood-like boards, the board’s surface should be primed with Alabaster Grunt U. The emulsion may also serve as protective coating for sub-floor; in this case it facilitates maintenance and prevents depositing of dust.